The commissions are workgroups operating in permanent sectors of activity within AIRTUM.
Every committee must assure experience and competence for continuity of its multidisciplinary operations, and must present an annual programme with objectives and activities, and an account of previous activities, for discussion at the Annual Assembly.
The current heads of the committees were selected by the executive committee sitting on 9 april 2010 at Sabaudia.

Details of the individual commission can be viewed through the links, but are only available in Italian. Italian version

Rapporti istituzioni, associazioni e commissioni esterne: Stefano Ferretti, Fabio Falcini
Database commission: Emanuele Crocetti
Tesoreria e gestione iscritti: Paola Pisani
Accreditation commission: Anselmo Madeddu
Publications commission: Emanuele Crocetti
Press and web commission: Arturo Iannelli
Commissione Procedure, qualità e stabilizzazione Registri: Mario Fusco
Educational commission: Lucia Mangone
Rapporti internazionali: Paola Pisani, Emanuele Crocetti, Mario Fusco