Welcome to AIRTUM

In the website of AIRTUM (the Italian Association of Cancer Registries) you will find up to date statistics of the distribution of cancer in the areas covered by the member registries including:

  • how many new cases in a year

  • how many Italians are living
    with a tumour

  • how many Italians survive to a tumour

  • how many Italians die for a tumour

  • whether the  number of cancers has increased or decreased with respect to preceding years

  • whether the impact of the disease
    is the same all over the country
    comparison of registries

  • whether the situation in Italy is better or worse compared to the rest of the world
    international comparisons

  • Here you will find all the informations regarding the activities of the Italian tumour registries: how they work, who finance them, what are their products, which projects they participate to, how they inform the population.