The activities

1. The purpose
2. The objectives
3. The activities
4. The interlocutors

1. The purpose

  • Enable the comparison of epidemiological data for cancer between the different parts of the country;
  • survey and measure oncological pathology in terms of mortality, incidence and survival;
  • examine trends over time and to compare the results obtained with those observed in other countries.

To this end AIRTUM commits itself to ensure the quality of surveying activities and the timeliness of publication and progressive enrichment of its findings.

2. The objectives

  • Make available to health service bodies and the scientific community incidence, mortality, survival and prevalence data for tumours in Italy in order to facilitate research, the prevention of disease and welfare planning in the field of oncological.
  • Stimulate analysis of data with the goal of assuring a national dimension in the publicizing of epidemiological data for the frequency of cancer in Italy.
  • Contribute to the planning of new initiatives in data registration and their evaluation.
  • Foster the standardization of registration techniques.
  • Promote a national and international network.
  • Represent and safeguard, at home and abroad, the professional interests of researchers and technical assistants in Italian cancer registries.
  • Work to improve the usage of data registration through guidelines enabling the standardization of results and the setting up of a forum for sharing recent epidemiological research.

    3. The activities of the association

    • Establishing a national database for the estimation of frequency indicators for cancer in Italy using the information collected from accredited cancer registries.
    • Continuously assessing the quality of the data collected from associated cancer registries.
    • Stimulating, promoting and supporting of study and research.
    • Conducting editorial work and circulating periodicals and books based on the national database.
    • Organizing training courses designed especially for the staff of cancer registries.
    • Organizing the collection of funds and materials to promote and support study and research.
    • Organizing seminars and conventions.
    • Collaborating with organizations, bodies, institutions and national and international foundations with similar or complementary aims.

    4. The interlocutors
    National and international interlocutors are:

    Cultural and scientific societies and associations

    • International Association of Cancer Registries
    • ENCR – European Network of Cancer Registries
    • Groupe pour l’Epidémiologie et l’Enregistrement du cancer dans les Pays de Langue Latine (gruppo dell’Ascensione)
    • Associazione italiana di epidemiologia
    • Associazione italiana di ematologia e oncologia pediatrica
    • Associazione italiana di oncologia medica
    • Società italiana di anatomia patologica e citologia
    • Società italiana di cancerologia
    • Società italiana di igiene
    • Società italiana di statistica medica
    • Comitato italiano salute e malattia

    Scientific organizations and institutions

    • OMS - Organizzazione mondiale della sanità
    • IARC – International Agency for Research on Cancer
    • Ministero della salute
    • CCM – Centro di prevenzione e controllo delle malattie
    • ISS – Istituto superiore di sanità
    • ACC – Alleanza contro il cancro e IRCSS oncologici italiani
    • Assessorati Regioni e Province Autonome
    • ISPESL – Istituto superiore per la prevenzione e sicurezza del lavoro
    • Ministero dell’università e della ricerca
    • CNR – Consiglio nazionale delle ricerche
    • Altri organi tecnici e consultivi del Ministero della salute e dell'ambiente