The structure of the association

1. The members
2. The organs of the association
3. The registered address, tax code and VAT code
4. 1.The statutes of the association (only in Italian)

1. The members
Members of the association are researchers and technical personnel of cancer registries (general or specialised) based in Italy. Italian citizens and non-Italians who have documented professional and scientific interests in registration, the field of epidemiology of cancer or in health information systems may become members. All members can use the association's facilities and participate in its activities and assembly. They have the right to vote and can be elected as officers.

2. The organs of the association

The Assembly of Members
The Assembly of Members may be ordinary or extraordinary. All members may participate in the assembly, take part in the discussions and vote. The assembly is chaired by the secretary and meets at least once per year. An ordinary assembly approves the budget and annual accounts, discusses and approves a programme of activities and appoints the members of the Board of Directors and of the Audit Office.

The Board of Directors
The Board of Directors consists of 8 members elected by the Assembly before the beginning of the year. The board members remain in office for two years and are re-electable. Their position is not remunerable. The Board of Directors puts into effect the strategy generally agreed by the assembly, designates possible collaborators, including non-members, for the association's activities, convenes the Assembly of Members, draws up the budget and annual accounts, presents an annual report of the association's scientific endeavours, appoints delegates for workgroups and committees and conducts the business of the association. For particular business, for example the accreditation of a new registry, a board meeting may be enlarged to include the directors of all Italian cancer registries. The Board of Directors elects the association's secretariat and treasurer from among the board members.

The Secretariat
The Secretariat consists of a secretary and two vice-secretaries. The Secretary is the legal representative of the association drawing up contracts and signing correspondence for and on behalf of the association, and is responsible for all administrative matters.

The Audit Office
The Audit Office consists of two members of the association who are charged with checking the regular keeping of accounts and accounting documentation.

3.The registered address, tax code and VAT code
CSPO Firenze
Via San Salvi, 12
Tax code (Codice Fiscale) 97571460019
P.IVA 0726320011

4. The statutes of the association(Italian version only in Italian)